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5 Tips On Buying A Used Car For An Australian Roadtrip Adventure

Every traveler who plans to visit Australia on a working holiday visa has to decide at some point , wether to buy a car or not. Of course there are a lot of reasons to buy one. You could use it for sleeping in and save the money you would spend on a hostel. With a car you are free to go wherever you want. Some jobs even require you to have your own transport. But those are just a few reasons.

So you decided to buy a car for your travels, no matter if it’s a van, 4WD or station wagon, what now? Of course, this is not an instruction on how to buy a car, but I want to give you some advice that is essential to know before buying it. If you keep the following tips in mind when buying a second hand car, the chances are excellent that you will get a reliable, safe car for your roadtrips!

We Travel Co, the RoadTrip Diaries
We Travel Co –  The Roadtrip Diaries

1) Find the vehicle that fits your needs.

What type of vehicle do you need? gas, petrol, diesel?  Avoid LPG if you are planing to go to central Australia.

Will the registration cover your whole stay? Registration for your car in another state can be expensive. Check with the states government roads department and the insurance company if the rego and insurance is transferable.

2) Important Questions

Does the vehicle have a service book and history?

Does it have any damage?

Is it due for a service?

Does everything work?

Are the tyres in a good condition?

Is there any money owing on the car?

You should ask these questions on the phone when first contacting the seller. You should even check references about the vehicle and the person, after all you will invest a lot of money in that car.

3) Check the vehicle thoroughly

Take a close look at the vehicle by walking around it at least three times! Some things do not catch your eye at first. Open all doors, check all locks, windows, look underneath the car, check the tyres and rego. Then you should do a test drive for 20 to 30 minutes, going all common speeds. If the condition seems fine after the test drive carry out a PPSR and state rego check, with this you can be sure the car isn’t under finance, stolen, repairable finance write off or under police investigation.

4) Book and carry out a prepurchase vehicle inspection (for example at, this is by far the most important thing when buying a used car.

5) If the car comes up as good, buy it! All prices are negotiable in some range. Go by the phrase: It is better to pay more for the best one than less for the worst one!

On the road to Byron Bay
On the road to Byron Bay

Another thing you should always keep in mind, don’t spend a fortune on a vehicle just because it’s sold with all the things you need to live in it! Find out what the car itself is worth and pay that. Chances are your getting the camping and kitchen stuff cheap or for free.

Basic camping gear

Also, if you are buying an older vehicle, it’s imperative to check the water and oil every day! If you are not 100% sure how to do this, find a mechanic and ask him to show you.


Check the water and oil everyday
Check the water and oil everyday

Now, that you know the way to get a used car in a good condition, there are some more things I want to let you know before you hit the road.

Travel with a basic tool kit

Always travel with a basic tool kit!  “It is always better to have the tools and no idea than no tools and no idea”.


Buy a cooking stove and BBQ-plate, it will be very handy on the road and everyone will join you for a BBQ at the most beautiful locations. What is better than chilling by a beach while having a BBQ with friends?

BBQ enjoying the sunset

Get yourself a fishing rod and a surf board. Learning how to surf is fun and catching dinner out of the ocean or a river is tasty and a great way to save some money!

The Roadtrip Diaries team

The only thing left to say now is: have the time of your life!

Article written by Sven Roselt from Germany

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Filming for the YHA Hostels – Airlie Beach

We are now in Airlie Beach!

After Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, and Noosa, we have been in the YHA Hostel of Airlie Beach which is a city close to the Great Barrier Reef for three busy days!

The trip from Noosa to Airlie Beach was the longest we all did in Australia: 12 hours in the Super Van! But it was a funny trip with car-dancing, stops in unexpected places and a beautiful sunshine!

Chasing the sun
Car dancing with Camille and Roi

On the road, we stopped at the Cedar Creek Falls were Sam and Jonathan jumped from the top under the encouragements of the rest of the group!

Cedar Creek Falls

After this big driving day we woke up early to go to the Whitsundays Islands for the day: an AMAZING experience in one of the most beautiful region of islands in the world!

To explore the islands we took a giant old sailing boat called the Derwent Hunter! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, as you can see in the photos!

The Derwent Hunter
Having a good time in the Derwent Hunter

On the boat the We Travel Co travellers have all been very active and help hoisting the sails so thanks to them we arrived safe and sound in a little cove where the Derwent Hunter cast anchor.

Jonathan hoisting the sails
Roi hoisting the sails

Then we all wore wetsuits, tubes and flippers and went snorkeling: it was fully sick! The Great Barrier Reef provides shelter for so many different species of fishes and corals! I think I could have stayed there for hours: what an amazing feeling!

Amazing fishes in the Great Barrier Reef

Then we had a delicious fresh lunch on the boat (and in the sun!) prepared by the Derwent Hunter staff before sailing back to Airlie Beach! What an awesome day!

Fresh lunch on the Derwent Hunter

In the hostel we made our traditional We Travel Co meal: Carbonara Pasta!


The day after, we drove around Airlie Beach and discovered beautiful spots where we filmed and took some photos. After a long debate, we decided to buy some sausages and went to Shute Harbour lookout where we had been before to make a barbecue. It was epic!

We started cooking the sausages but it starting raining cats and dogs so we stopped the barbecue and moved to another very special place where we finished cooking on the super van gas cooker. There we met Johnny a sort of “salty sea dog” as Sam called him: a guy living alone in his ran aground ship!

Starting the barbecue there…
… and finishing it there!

After that epic lunch, we went bushwalking in the Conway National Park and arrived at the Beautiful Coral Beach! On this bushwalk, I met some green ants for the first time: it was horrible! Around 10 of them came on my arm giving me the impression of being electrocute! I still get goose bumps!!

Coral Beach
Coral Beach

The day after we went to the Airlie Beach market along the beach in the shade of the palm trees and had breakfast there.

Airlie Beach Market
Airlie Beach Market

After that we came filming around Airlie Beach town and came back to the hostel where a delicious cheese & wine buffet organized by the YHA: a nice occasion to meet other travellers. After that we experienced the Airlie Beach nightlife by hanging out in two different bars where Jonathan and Roi revealed their secret talents of pole dancers!

Cheese and wine buffet in the hostel
Jonathan and Yuki

We are now on the road again to Magnetic Island after these three awesome days!

See you in my next post!



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PS : If you want to see more photos of these three days in Airlie Beach, go on the We Travel Co Facebook page !

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Filming for the YHA Hostels – Noosa Heads

Hi everyone !

After Surfers Paradise and Brisbane we are now in Noosa Heads where we have spent three wet days!

By “wet” I mean raining! It is now winter time in Australia so I discovered that here too, the word “rain” does exist!! However, that bad weather didn’t stop us from making a lot of activities and to discover this beautiful town.

In the YHA hostel area

After three days in Brisbane (and Moreton Island), we discovered Noosa, a little charming town, surrounded by the river and a National Park.
After three days in Noosa I would describe it as a peaceful holiday resort where you can find a lot of shops, you can go surfing in the beach, fishing on the river, enjoy the bars and restaurant of the city center, or have a walk in the National Park. I’ve found Noosa very calm and natural.

The YHA hostel is situated in an amazing location surrounded by the National Park: it firstly made me think of a hut in the forest, it was an amazing impression!

After our arrival, we put down our bags and went having a quick walk along the river and admiring the sunset.

Walking along the Noosa river
Admiring the sunset

The day after, Sam, Yuki and Roi went to the Noosa Everglades and discovered the spectacular eco-system of the river with his plants and animals.

Roi in the Noosa Everglades boat
noosa evergaldes
Yuki and Roi kayaking

In the meantime, the rest of the group and I went discovering the shopping street of Noosa, saw a sleeping koala, and met a nice local who offered us coffee.

Sleeping koala in Noosa
Tobbe and Jonathan
Meeting the locals

After that, Jonathan, Camille and Ilse (a Dutch girl we met earlier in Surfers Paradise and travelling as we do until Cairns) went in the beautiful Noosa National Park despite the raining weather.

Walking in the Noosa National Park

After that we went admiring the sunset (yes, the sunset again!) with seven travellers we met in the YHA hostel from an amazing spot situated in the National Park.

Amazing sunset
7 nice travellers

The day after, we went to the harbor (where we saw a one-foot seagull), to the beach, to Noosa center, and to the river where we ate fish&chips under the watchful eye of about thirty seagulls.

one-foot seagull
Feeding the seagulls
Noosa Beach
Noosa Beach

Then, after playing cricket on the beach, we came back and had a great dinner provided by the YHA hostel whilst listening to a nice and talented Irish music band.

Playing cricket on the beach
Playing cricket on the beach
Alan Kelly and other Irish musicians
Irish music band

The day after, we went to the Noosa market where we had breakfast before taking the (veryyy looong) road to Airlie Beach.
The Noosa market is very different from the Brisbane market – I’d got the impression that the products were more local and it was less touristic which permitted us to talk easier with the exhibitors.

Noosa Market
Funny lady in Noosa Market
Nice locals

To see more of what happened in Noosa Heads, check out this cool little video :

Check out our other videos on the We Travel Co Youtube Page

We are now driving to Airlie Beach in the Super Van for 10 hours! How big is Australia..!

See you later guys!


PS : If you want to see more photos of these three days in Noosa, go on the We Travel Co Facebook page !