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5 Tips On Buying A Used Car For An Australian Roadtrip Adventure

Every traveler who plans to visit Australia on a working holiday visa has to decide at some point , wether to buy a car or not. Of course there are a lot of reasons to buy one. You could use it for sleeping in and save the money you would spend on a hostel. With a car you are free to go wherever you want. Some jobs even require you to have your own transport. But those are just a few reasons.

So you decided to buy a car for your travels, no matter if it’s a van, 4WD or station wagon, what now? Of course, this is not an instruction on how to buy a car, but I want to give you some advice that is essential to know before buying it. If you keep the following tips in mind when buying a second hand car, the chances are excellent that you will get a reliable, safe car for your roadtrips!

We Travel Co, the RoadTrip Diaries
We Travel Co –  The Roadtrip Diaries

1) Find the vehicle that fits your needs.

What type of vehicle do you need? gas, petrol, diesel?  Avoid LPG if you are planing to go to central Australia.

Will the registration cover your whole stay? Registration for your car in another state can be expensive. Check with the states government roads department and the insurance company if the rego and insurance is transferable.

2) Important Questions

Does the vehicle have a service book and history?

Does it have any damage?

Is it due for a service?

Does everything work?

Are the tyres in a good condition?

Is there any money owing on the car?

You should ask these questions on the phone when first contacting the seller. You should even check references about the vehicle and the person, after all you will invest a lot of money in that car.

3) Check the vehicle thoroughly

Take a close look at the vehicle by walking around it at least three times! Some things do not catch your eye at first. Open all doors, check all locks, windows, look underneath the car, check the tyres and rego. Then you should do a test drive for 20 to 30 minutes, going all common speeds. If the condition seems fine after the test drive carry out a PPSR and state rego check, with this you can be sure the car isn’t under finance, stolen, repairable finance write off or under police investigation.

4) Book and carry out a prepurchase vehicle inspection (for example at, this is by far the most important thing when buying a used car.

5) If the car comes up as good, buy it! All prices are negotiable in some range. Go by the phrase: It is better to pay more for the best one than less for the worst one!

On the road to Byron Bay
On the road to Byron Bay

Another thing you should always keep in mind, don’t spend a fortune on a vehicle just because it’s sold with all the things you need to live in it! Find out what the car itself is worth and pay that. Chances are your getting the camping and kitchen stuff cheap or for free.

Basic camping gear

Also, if you are buying an older vehicle, it’s imperative to check the water and oil every day! If you are not 100% sure how to do this, find a mechanic and ask him to show you.


Check the water and oil everyday
Check the water and oil everyday

Now, that you know the way to get a used car in a good condition, there are some more things I want to let you know before you hit the road.

Travel with a basic tool kit

Always travel with a basic tool kit!  “It is always better to have the tools and no idea than no tools and no idea”.


Buy a cooking stove and BBQ-plate, it will be very handy on the road and everyone will join you for a BBQ at the most beautiful locations. What is better than chilling by a beach while having a BBQ with friends?

BBQ enjoying the sunset

Get yourself a fishing rod and a surf board. Learning how to surf is fun and catching dinner out of the ocean or a river is tasty and a great way to save some money!

The Roadtrip Diaries team

The only thing left to say now is: have the time of your life!

Article written by Sven Roselt from Germany

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Hitting the road with Shane Conroy


I’m Shane Conroy 22 years young from Berkley Vale, NSW and I’m going on a roadtrip around the country.

Shane Conroy - Youngroys Adventures
Shane Conroy – Youngroys Adventures

I’m chasing my childhood dream of escaping the everyday rat race and off to explore the country in a campervan.

My sweet ride!
My sweet ride!

Working along the way, just enough to get me by, on the long road ahead. Meeting new people crusing to the tunes, catching my own dinner where i can.

Discovering a new world.
Discovering a new world.

If I dont like a place i’ll keep cruisng or if i like it i’ll stay and set up camp. Why work your whole life till your 50 or 60? live while your young and get amongst it! Life’s to short and can be taken in an instance. Thats my story I’ll keep everyone posted on my great adventure.

Chilling at the beach.
Chilling at the beach.
About me
Profession – Locksmith
Favourite music – a bit of everything ,mainly aussie hip hop
Birthplace – Dubbo
Favourite movie – Forrest Gump ,The Hangover 123,
Languages – English
Favourite quote – love the life you live and live the life you love
Interests and hobbies – fishing,roadtrips,skating,making music,binge drinking
One thing I want to do before I die – make a diffrence and achieve my goals
Favourite book – where’s wally
My friends describe me as – hopefully a good bloke
The most amazing moment in my life so far – being born into this great country called Australia
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The Roadtrip Diaries – The end of the beginning…

Our last day of The Roadtrip Diaries project started with an early morning hike down to treachery.

Early morning hike down to Treachery Beach
Early morning hike down to Treachery Beach

The Frenchies got wet and surfed, while we enjoyed being immersed in the yellow, blue and green contrast of nature that surrounded us.

Yet another beautiful beach with no one around
Yet another beautiful beach with no one around
Perrick carving closeouts
Perrick carving closeouts

We took to the road headed for our final destination Catherine Hill Bay.

The destruction we walked through
The destruction we walked through

A bush fire had just recently ripped through Catherine Hill Bay destroying everything in its path, even the historic pier was damaged. We made our way down a trail through a post apocalyptic scene before arriving at a cliff appropriately named “spinal tap” the idea is to run and jump out off the 25 m cliff to avoid hitting the rocks below. Everyone seemed hesitant at first but it was only a matter of time before one of us took it on with everyone following.

Flo the Austrian takes a leap of faith
Flo the Austrian takes a leap of faith

“the craziest experience of my life” said one traveller. it surely was an epic climax to the trip.

Erica from America takes the leap
Erica from America takes the leap

The last experience we would share together was exactly how it started. A BBQ in a scenic location with good wine (thanks Cock+ Bull!) good friends and a mesmerizing sunset.

Cook the BBQ by the lake at Cams Wharf
Cooking the BBQ by the lake at Cams Wharf
Enjoying the sunset after a delicous bbq with a glass of Cock + Bull
Enjoying the sunset after a delicious BBQ with a glass of Cock + Bull

We would like to thank everyone who shared this experience with us Anthea, Luke, Jarrad , Emma from Australia, Erica and Tyler from America, Kari and Shannelle from Canada, Lin from Brazil, Dave from England, Peirre and Perrick from France, Mark and Gemma from Scotland, Florian and Phillip from Austria, Hannah, Erik, Jonah from Sweden and all the other travellers and locals that we met along the way! Thanks to cock + bull for the wine and We Travel Company for making this trip a reality!

The crews last day together
The Roadtrip Diaries crew last day together


PS : If you want to see more photos of The Roadtrip Diaries journey visit the We Travel Co Facebook page !


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