Helpful Advice For Backpacking Australia

Imagine you’ve just stepped off the plane in Australia. You arrive alone with no plan but a clear picture in you mind about why you came here. You want to go on an adventure, meet and travel with like minded people, share experiences, visit pristine beaches, breathtaking landscapes, experience nature and wildlife, the culture and interact with locals.

It can be overwhelming after you arrive to plan your travel, where should I go? Where do I stay? what should I see? How much should I pay?

So you speak to other travellers in the hostel to get an idea about what everyone else is doing. Then, you look on the web or find a travel agent to plan and book your travel. They tell you they are experts on Australia, they advise you about popular places to see, package deals and tours at a great price mind you. What they don’t tell you is that they take up to 30% of the sales and poor small to medium tourism businesses suffers because of it. Or, that your going to be herded around like sheep and visit beautiful places but it will be overrun by tourists that made the same mistake as you.

What these experts wont tell you, is that there are far better and cheaper means to discover Australia, see more and travel longer.

I Ask you this… 90% of Australia remain uninhabited and is an area of about 7.692 million square kilometres. How much outside of what you already know and have been to is waiting there for you to discover it?

The space that services the independent travellers market craves change. My image of the market as it stands from an outside perspective after 4 years spent in R&D travelling with 100’s of travellers from all around the world in Australia –

It’s smoke and mirrors, dull, lifeless marketing tactics all with a similar look and feel trying hopelessly to compete with each other, broken promises, taking advantage of the unsuspecting, sometimes sleazy and dirty, no creativity, driven by greed, single minded in approach with no time or thought put into innovation of making it better for the greater good of young travellers spending time in our country.

It stems from a lack of understanding of the core market and how to service it. An inability to transition smoothly into the digital realm and harness the information and resources that are readily made available to create an aesthetically pleasing, informative, inspirational and interactive digital solution for independent travellers to use.

You see the modern independent traveller are more aware and are spending their money more wisely. They would rather be actively involved in planning the process but, there are little or few options made available for them to do so.

And so We Travel Company and ‘The Roadtrip Diaries’ Was Born.

This multi-platform digital project provides the independent traveller with helpful travel information and inspiration in the form of digital content (photos, videos, blogs) access to a community hub to connect and communicate with like minded travellers and an interactive map with simple tools where you create and share your own unique journey. It also consist of a mobile interactive hub and creative studio (the face and core of our business activity) where the production team in constantly out on the road to discover new places, create and share inspiring digital content. Travellers your are invited and we welcome you to share in these experiences and be part of the journey.

We Travel Company brings travellers together to connect, share and create experiences on road trips into the unknown. These are mystery adventures, living in the moment, to explore and discover the true spirit of the places we visit.

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Tasmania, Australia: November 2016 – March 2017
Sydney >> Byron Bay: 3rd – 7th of April
Byron Bay >> Sydney: 10th -14th of April
Sydney >> Byron Bay: 17th -21st of April
Byron Bay >> Sydney: 24th – 28th of April

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