A Journey On The Unknown Road

I travel to explore the unknown and share experiences on a journey to discover the true spirit of the places I visit. For me, this makes me learn, grow and gives my life meaning and fulfilment. I would say that I have always been a risk taker, adventurous and had a keen curiosity to venture into the unknown. As a child, my mum had to lower the cot because I kept trying to venture out and she didn’t want me to fall out and hurt myself. 30 years on, and I’m still taking risks and pushing further into the unknown then I have ever have before. Why you ask? In these moments of pushing to edge and venturing into the unknown is what makes us feel alive, a challenge, which tests our limits and brings new perspective and change in our lives, these opportunities, seized in the moment are what shape our personal journey, our story.

When I was 18, I was studying video production and working full time. I was living the city life, chasing the so called ‘dream’… I wasn’t particularly enjoying this so called life, When one day I had an awakening…

I began to question myself, Is this all there is to life? Am I really living? These questions were a turning point, and a catalyst for change. I left my studies, quit my job and set off on a road trip around Australia. I didn’t get very far before my thoughts got the better of me. If I don’t finish my studies, I won’t have a good career, I won’t be successful and I won’t make money. So, I went back to study, this lasted about 3 months before an opportunity came my way to work in a television station. I took the job and worked there for 1 and half years working with others that had been studying at university for 3 years. It seemed I’d successfully climbed the career ladder right out of the gates. On the side, I was doing what I loved, sharing stories, filming surfing and other action sport events. This led to a job offer interstate. Again, I was to travel into uncertainty, away from the life I knew. This new job brought many opportunities to explore and discover the world outside of the one I already knew. I developed a taste for travel and wanted to experience more of the world. Taking a camera and a backpack, l travelled through New Zealand, US, Mexico and Bali capturing my experiences and sharing it with friends back home. My friends were inspired and It gave me the drive to continue creating and sharing.


A creative mind , needs to exercise creative ways to get to where it’s going…Where is it going? Into the unknown, like an astronaut, explorer, storyteller, inventor, artists, performers. I always wanted to see my own country, inspired by stories my nan used to share with us as children. She would tell us about the place’s and people she’d met with Grandpa on their adventures around Australia. So in 2012, I took to the road in the ‘Supervan’ across Australia with 3 other travellers. My goal was simple, To explore and discover my own backyard, help like minded travellers share in the experience and capture the journey into the unknown to create stories I can inspire others with.

Although the journey has been a bumpy road and life has presented it challenges. Broken down, broke, lost, alone, fear, anxiety, depression these are all things and feelings I came to know during my journey. I kept working hard to support my dreams, doing any job I could find to support myself and keep going. Giving up on the life I once knew, the career ladder, family, friends and relationships were all sacrificed.

This was a choice I made consciously, as the feelings deep inside were stronger to stay true to myself and steer the course of the unknown path in search of my purpose for being. I had a realisation that when things get tough, this is when we need to fight the hardest, to fight for what we believe and live the life we deem worth living for.


Since 2012, I’ve had the privilege to share the journey with 100’s of traveller’s from all corners of the globe. We were on a mystery adventure in the unknown, living in the moment on adventure to explore and discover the true spirit. Some have help share the creative journey, others, just along for the ride. Through that connection and support it inspires me, and gives me the drive to keep going on my journey to keep entering the unknown and follow my purpose for being.

I invested money in a new bus and went to Tasmania for the Summer, 2 days before my first trip, I had 1 traveller booked on a roadtrip.

I began to question myself, whether I had made the right choice, had I not worked hard enough promoting to the lead up, what if I don’t make any money? What if I end up broke again, the dream never seemed so far away. But I reminded myself to stay true to my purpose of the journey. I said to myself, that even if I have 1 traveller along for the ride, I’m going to give that person the experience of their life. You see nothing else matters, stay clear and true to your purpose and everything will work out. Tasmania was a success, I was privileged to take over 30 travellers on roadtrips that Summer. You see, Success can be measured in different ways, Not only was I well on the way to paying off my investment but I had succeeded in inspiring so many travellers lives. It brought a feeling of success that can’t be measured by age, social status, what other people think, money or career, it comes from within ourselves. A sense of fulfillment that I achieved by staying true to my purpose and living a life to create, inspire and help others.


What I realised is that I need to stay true to my purpose for being, to inspire through sharing stories and help others live in the moment and discover the spirit which is all around us. Also, educating people that despite your fears, it’s alright to enter the unknown, as this is when we truly start to live. By choosing to enter the unknown & living in the present moment, facing your fears and conquering life’s challenges, we can gain new perspective and open the door of opportunity to a life beyond our imagination. We all walk our own path and we are all creators of our own journey. Find and do what makes you happy, be good to yourself and others. Remember, Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved.

Catch ya on the road!

Sam Hilton

We Travel Company brings travellers together to connect, create and share experiences on the unknown road. These are mystery adventures, living in the moment, to explore and discover the true spirit of the places we visit.


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